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im ranting now because its all i can do so couple of life updates
graduated from high school
went to mexico for 3 weeks
best friend moves to texas away from me
i feel so alone more than ever these days like i want to go out with my friends but i usually only hanged out with her what can i do i dont know im just lost and it doesnt make it better that i fought with my dad yesterday and i dont know if today it got better or worse like idk im just stuck in this loop of self pitying myself i just hate it
im 2 months clean but i feel an urge to do it again i want to be in pain i want to be treated as scum i dont know why
i dont know anything
i just want to be perfect but if i hurt myself then it gives me the excuse to be less then perfect
just let me be happy for once

dont get me wrong im grateful and happy at times but something deep inside me thinks its all a lie and im just so annoying and fucking horrible but i just want someone to talk to


all that we see or seen is but a dream within a dream

dang it

song of the day!!
no surprises - radiohead